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Data security and communication offers a comprehensive safety package

When accessing a WEB 3.0 - working environment you control a virtual machine in Internet. There is no exchange of files except the remote screen in your browser and your entries via the keyboard and mouse, etc. no exchange of files and cache instead, with the exception of a VNC JAVA - environment that requires your browser to access the virtual environment.

Security against viruses and Trojans:
Physically, no data will be transfered to your computer, which means that there is nothing that can bring you surprises in case of viruses or other malicious programs.

Your input will be transmitted in encrypted form, the display of the virtual workplace in the browser window displayed graphically. It is the graphical image of the workplace, no data in the form of text. This method is called graphical firewall.

Server security:
In the data centre where your virtual workspace runs in a closed storage environment, the appropriate security programs, which are kept up to date, ensure security against viruses and spyware.

Online storage:
The drives, that your WEB 3.0 - work space contains, are not physical but a virtual system, that is encrypted. For the safety of your data regular backups of your virtual drives are made without the ability to access or to influence the content by our administrators.

Secure communication:
The communication, also email - communication between virtual work spaces is done within our server intranet environment. So these messages do not have to be transmitted over Internet. For this reason, e-mails and other notifications can not be intercepted and spied on.

Networking virtual workplaces:
Virtual work environments can be connected as computers are networked within a company. Which folders and files you share for common use, is entirely up to you. This way the users in distributed locations can work in a team, as on a local network. You do not need VPN - connections.

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